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Any tourist who has visited Morocco can attest to the fact that there is much more to see in the country than in its imperial cities. Before visiting this magical land, most people only hear about Marrakech and Casablanca, but there are dozens of other Moroccan cities and towns worth visiting as well! Morocco is a captivating country that will inspire you to seek out unique experiences in the world’s most stunning, raw, and authentic cities.

Morocco is a wonderful country to visit because it offers a variety of experiences from one area to the next. What you’ll find in one part of the world will be completely different from what you’ll find only 100 kilometers away! Northern Morocco is heavily influenced by Spanish culture and architecture, while central Morocco is heavily influenced by French culture and architecture. To put it simply, Morocco is a melting pot of interesting places to see and a fascinating culture to experience. Everything about the country makes it worth seeing; the traditions, the architecture, the ancient Medinas, the landscapes, the food, and the laid-back lifestyle of the indigenous people. Exploring the not-so-famous Moroccan towns will give you the chance to ramble through the real authentic Morocco.

      Whether you’re by the sea, in the desert, in the white-washed seaside cities, or in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco is full of beauty… Morocco is a stunning destination no matter where you go. With that in mind, here are five laid-back, scenic, and authentic Moroccan towns you should visit.

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